• About our association

    The friends Rolf Schlegel and Harald Hampel succeeded in 1987 to acquire the old Hazienda Yanachaga in the mountain forest of Peru with the help of donations. In 1988 the association Peru-Aktion e.V. was founded in Bielefeld. In 1989, the association commissioned Hugo Fernández, Professor of Education, to set up a social project for young Peruvians in need.

    Today we are a group of more than 60 professionals, teachers, doctors, engineers and students. Our task is to collect the financial means in Germany for the maintenance of the project. In the course of the years a firm donor circle developed: Many committed individuals, but also schools, kindergartens, one-world groups, church congregations and companies support the work with regular donations. Especially important are our German godparents, who support a young person, a student or an employee with a monthly amount.

    All members of the Peru-Aktion work on an honorary basis and recruit further members, donors and godparents with the help of lectures and current information. The donations almost exclusively benefit the project. The administrative costs are minimal. The association is entitled to issue donation receipts. The needs of CENTRO YANACHAGA (ex PROSOYA) are discussed in regular working meetings and coordinated with the Peruvian project management. Annual visits of the chairmen and individual members of the association on site complement the joint work.