• Study system in Peru

    Peru’s academic year runs from April to December and is usually divided into two semesters. Students attend lectures, courses, exercises and tutorials. For Germans it is unusual that the lessons are sometimes cancelled for three hours. Classes are almost always held in Spanish. Only a few private universities offer English language courses. Some courses are bilingual. Due to the long colonial period Peru’s study system is strongly influenced by this. It is roughly divided into two sections:

    • Bachelor’s or Professional Degree
    • Licenciado

    Bachelor includes the undergraduate courses of study. They consist of a two-year basic course of study and a two to four-year main course of study. After the initial placement of a general and propaedeutic part, a technical specialisation takes place. The Bachelor degree corresponds approximately to a German Bachelor’s degree. In some subjects, such as law, engineering or medicine, the professional title Titulo Profesional is awarded. According to the Bachiller, many students follow a subject-related further education to the Licenciado. This study usually takes another year and ends with the submission of a larger written paper. The total study from Bachiller and Licenciado corresponds approximately to the value of a German diploma. If you would like to deepen your academic knowledge, you can enrol for a Magister/Maestria course after the Licendiado (more rarely also after the Bachiller). This corresponds approximately to a German Master’s degree. The study period lasts at least two years and ends with a written work based on independent research achievements. Anyone who has discovered his passion for research in this context can consider a doctorate. Here, too, the minimum duration of study is four semesters. The doctoral students must finally defend the thesis of their extensive doctoral thesis orally. In medical subjects and law, the Doctor joins Titulo Profesional directly and takes three to five years of study. Another option after the first degree, i.e. the Bachiller or Licendiado, is to study the Espescialista. It serves the professional and practice-oriented further training and is also part of the postgraduate field. The study usually takes one to two years. It is not necessary to write a written thesis here.