• BECA 18

    A few years ago, the Peruvian government introduced a BECA 18 scholarship programme that benefits all poorer secondary school graduates. The following conditions must be met in order to benefit from BECA 18:

    • Peruvian nationality
    • less than 22 years old (30 years for the armed forces)
    • Completion at a recognised training centre
    • Achieve at least 14 credit points for educational institutions and 15 for universities

    The scholarship is granted for a maximum of 10 semesters (at universities and training institutes) and 6 semesters at technical colleges. The scholarship covers exams, enrollment, tuition, laptops, tutorials, writing materials, local transportation, food and accommodation (source: https://www.pronabec.gob.pe/2018_Beca18.php). Some of the students of Centro Yanachaga have acquired a BECA 18. Experience shows that the resources available are far from sufficient to cover the increased cost of living in the province. Many of our alumni have to work part-time, e.g. in households.