• Our achievments

    School girls in front of their college

    The renovated main building of the Hacienda

    Afforrested secundary jungle

    In view of the poor conditions from which our young people come, the possibility of graduating from secondary school is the first great success of our efforts, because most families do not have the necessary resources.

    Through our support, the young people, especially the girls, often achieve good to very good secondary qualifications, which may enable them to obtain a state scholarship (e.g. BECA18).

    Many of our alumni have already successfully completed their studies, e.g. former Russel with a law degree or Bryan as an engineer in the food industry.

    EAPNE teaches manual and agricultural skills to successfully pursue a non-university professional career, e.g. the ex-student Wilson Cárdena, who opened his own mechanic workshop, the former student Evelen as head accountant or Astrid and Ruthmery as primary school teachers. The former student Juan recently became mayor of Huancabamba.

    Thanks to our donors, we were able not only to preserve but also to improve and expand the more than 100-year-old historical structure of the Hacienda Yanachaga.






    Our reforestations have transformed a desolate bare mountain landscape into a dense secondary forest.

    Organic farming of agricultural land is a model for the region that is also recognised by governmental and ecological organisations – especially in the immediate vicinity of the Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park.

    Our gastronomic and tourist infrastructure, which has been greatly expanded over the years, has triggered a growing influx of foreign and local visitors to this remote region.