The EAPNE is a cornerstone of our pedagogical concept. Since the beginning of our project, the young people entrusted to us have been familiarised with handicraft and agricultural practices that complement the theoretical knowledge of the school.

    The EAPNE training is carried out by external specialists in the so-called workshops (talleres), with block lessons taking place throughout the year in the talleres. This includes

    • agriculture with all its branches such as dairy cattle, beekeeping, trout farming, small animal husbandry, coffee cultivation, garden cultures and 
    • Carpenter´s workshop,
    • Bakery,
    • Metal workshop,
    • Gastronomy and
    • Handicrafts.


    At both locations we provide computer rooms where the young people learn how to deal with new media and with which they obtain information for their school work.

    Until a few years ago, the young people stayed in the project for one more year after finishing secundary school to work productively in a workshop as part of the “Especialidad“. Finally, the trainee presented his “journey-man’s piece” to be assessed by experts and rewarded with a certificate.  The graduates received a small salary in the productive year, which was saved up and disbursed after completing the especialidad, so that the young people had a small starting fee available for their career start.

    Today the Especialidad has receded somewhat into the background because most school leavers either want to earn “real” money right away or are quickly aiming for further training.