• Sustainability

    The reforested secondary virgin forest

    These waters feed our generator

    When the Peru-Aktion bought the former Hacienda Yanachaga 30 years ago, almost all the mountain slopes were bare because the previous owners had slashed and burned down the treeas – a bad habit that unfortunately still occurs today. We have reforested the forests and those who visit the extensive area in Huancabamba today are amazed by the dense secondary forest that has developed along the slopes in 30 years. This is an example of our sustainable actions.

    Since the Rio Yanachaga flows through the Hacienda area and carries plenty of water from the Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park, we are able to generate our own electricity using water turbines and generators. Thanks to our own water sources, we also have here and in Quillazú self-produced drinking water.

    In the production of coffee, vegetables, milk and honey, we rely on organic farming and regularly receive organic certification.

    We hope that our sustainable way of working will also have an impact on the way neighbouring farmers work.