• New Pedagogical Leader

    At the beginning of this year, Edwin Alanya‘s contract came to an end. As his successor, Rubén Valverde Arámbulo now takes over a well-ordered field of work. His curriculum vitae suggests that he has the best qualifications for this task. He has 28 years of professional experience as a teacher of social sciences, philosophy and religion. In his opinion, sports, games and art promote skills and perseverance in young people. Rubén has been a trainer of teachers and school headmasters in numerous cities in Peru.

    Here he fulfils our request to introduce himself to our readers.

    My name is Rubén Valverde Arámbulo. I am a teacher by vocation and also a lecturer because of my pedagogical training. I just recently arrived here in Centro Yanachaga together with the project leader. It is the first time for me to get to know this area of my country. The journey was impressive, although accompanied by extreme Corona-related restrictions. The valley of Huancabamba surprised me with its incomparably lush nature. Every morning I am almost dazzled by so much wonderful and spectacular beauty.

    In the meantime, I have also got to know the whole complex. Everywhere I was welcomed very friendly and with great expectations … and indeed I already feel at home. There is a very friendly and warm atmosphere here. With the project leader and the supervisors, we immediately got down to work and prepared the work plan for the activities for the students whose arrival or return from the holidays was imminent.

    Now that I have also become more familiar with the goals of the project, I am looking forward even more to working with the disadvantaged young people of this area and gladly take on the task of helping to shape their development. I am particularly impressed by the valuable support from Germany and feel great gratitude for the solidarity of people from such a distant country. I am convinced that together we can still achieve a lot in this beautiful place and make a small contribution to a better world.