• New Leadership for the Project

    The former head of the Centro Yanachaga project, Juan Valverde, finished his charge by the end of 2018 after 5 years. Sr. Edgardo Rios Egg took over its functions from December 2018 on.

    Sr. Rios Egg will represent the project externally as “director ejecutivo” and will in personal union also be responsible for the entire production area. In conjunction with the new pedagogic coordinator, Sr. Edwin Alanya and the coordinator Quillazú, Magdalena Kroll, he will form a collective board of directors, managing the project jointly, each representing their specific area of competence:

    • Sr. Rios Egg will be in charge of production, personnel, tourism and administration.
    • The pedagogic coordinator is responsible for the care and education of the young people as well as for the deployment of the carers.
    • The coordinator Quillazú is in charge of the sub-project Quillazú


    We are confident that we have made a good decision with the selection of the new managers. We are also very satisfied with the new appointments to the supervisor positions (consejería), the administrative assistant and some positions in the workshops.

    2019 Organigram