• Our Project

    40 boys in Huancabamba and 16 girls in Quillazú live in small residential groups under the guidance of pedagogical specialists and are supported by us in coping with school requirements and are educated in a value-oriented way. The pupils receive board and lodging, school uniforms and pocket money for their personal needs. In addition to their schooling, we also provide them with extracurricular practical training to help them find their way into the world of work. Our two locations in Huancabamba and Quillazú offer excellent conditions for this. Our sites have a special autonomous infrastructure: we generate our own electricity using water turbines and generators; we have our own drinking water, Internet access and an attractive tourist area. There is even a dentist’s treatment room with all the necessary equipment. A small chapel is used for church services and religious instruction. We try to be as self-sufficient as possible. We use our own products and achieve a small profit by selling them on the local markets. The entire staff is of local origin.