• Noticieros


    We achieved some of our greatest successes in the education of the young people from the very beginning with the so-called Noticieros. These are the “press conferences” that take place every evening, when three to four young people, selected in turn, present and comment on news from the region, from Peru and from the world in front of the assembled team. This is always associated with questions, discussions and constructive criticism.

    The one-hour events are loosened up by little jokes, poems, interviews or small plays. The topics are determined by those responsible for the evening.  




    These noticieros have proven to be extremely effective in developing self-confidence, language skills and discussion skills. Some students are enthusiastic when they are allowed to recite a poem freely – and usually with a lot of drama. Click on the photo to the right to listen to Christina’s poem (a romantic love poem, of course).                          







    The sustainability of this education can also be seen in the fact that our pupils, our alumnas respectively, regularly are elected in their schools to honorary posts such as class spokespersons and school spokespersons (recognisable by the uniforms’ “tresses”), of which they are particularly proud.