• Privacy Policy

    Data processing guideline of Peru-Aktion e.V.

    On 25 May 2018, the new Basic Data Protection Ordinance (EU-DVGO) came into force, which binds all persons and institutions that process personal data. This also applies to our association Peru-Aktion e.V. We are obliged to inform all affected persons whose data we store and process of data protection law, which is done by this data processing guideline.

    This data processing guideline was decided and approved by the board of the Peru-Aktion e.V. on July 19, 2018.

    Name and contact details of the person responsible

    Responsible for data processing is the association Peru-Aktion e.V., Auf der Siegenegge 11, 33647 Bielefeld represented by its board of directors.

    Contact details of the data protection officer

    The provisional data protection officer is Ulrich Hemer, Heidberg 37, 22301 Hamburg, tel. 040-488658, email: u.hemer@peru-aktion.de

    Purposes of the processing

    The Peru action stores and processes the contact data of all members, sponsors and donors for the following purpose:

    • Membership administration (sending information, collection of membership fees, invitations to general meetings
    • Donation administration (booking of donations, sending of donation receipts, sending of information)
      Administration of sponsorships (sending of information, booking of sponsorship funds)
      Cooperations (contacts to other institutions, e.g. friendly associations, contact persons from the project in Per)
      Volunteers (maintaining contacts, e.g. information from the project, recruitment of members)

    Legal basis of the processing and legitimate interests

    Membership administration and sponsorships: contractual relationship with the association on the basis of membership or the sponsorship declaration
    Donation administration: Obligation to send donation receipts, duty of proof to the tax office
    Cooperations and volunteers: consent of the persons concerned

    Scope of stored data

    The address data stored by Peru-Aktion e.V. contain the following fields in each data record:

    • Surname, first name, company name if applicable
      Street, LKZ, Postcode, City
      Telephone, email and, if applicable, website
      Member, Sponsor, Volunteer/Internship
      IBAN number, payment method
      Recipients of newsletters by post or email
      Entry date Membership
      Remarks (e.g. relatives, visits to the project)

    The payment data stored by Peru-Aktion e.V. contain the following fields in each data record:

    • Surname, first name, company name if applicable
      mandate reference
      IBAN number, payment method
      Date of transfer, transfer amount
      Due date of the debit, debit amount

    Recipients or categories of recipients

    The data stored and processed by Peru-Aktion e.V. will generally not be passed on to third parties, unless consent has been given in individual cases. Contact data can be passed on to members if this serves the purpose of the association and does not impair the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the persons concerned.

    Order data processing and reference to guarantees for data security

    The Peru-Aktion e.V. stores the personal data in a cloud on its own server at an order data processor. This server is secured by passwords and SSL certificates. Only board members have access to it.

    The Peru-Aktion e.V. receives account statements and payment information from donors, sponsors and members from Sparkasse Bielefeld, which are evaluated and used for donation receipts. Only a few persons of the Board of Managing Directors who have an account authorization with the bank have access to this information.

    Storage period of personal data

    The personal data of members and sponsors will be stored for as long as the contractual relationship exists.
    The personal data of other contact persons will be stored as long as the association is interested or the contact person has not requested the deletion of the data.

    Information about rights of affected persons

    The persons concerned may request information about their stored data and request that they be corrected or deleted.
    The data subjects have the right to object to the processing of their data. If members object to the processing or request deletion of the data, their membership expires at the end of the calendar year.

    Reference to the right to revoke consent at any time

    Data subjects can revoke their consent to the storage and processing of their data at any time. This revocation is made in writing to the board of the association.

    Reference to the right of appeal to a supervisory authority

    Any person concerned may report actual or suspected deficits to one of the competent supervisory authorities of the Federal Government and the federl states.