• The Pedagogical Concept

    Our alumnos in 2018

    All alumnas from Quillazú (2018)

    Our alumnas from Quillazú (2018)

    Over the years, focal points and objectives for the educational and training work with the young people in the Centro Yanachaga have emerged:

    • The concrete educational and training work on site is carried out by local staff.
    • The young people complete their secondary education at the public school in the village.
    • They receive food and accommodation in the project, equipment, furniture, clothing and all everyday objects.
    • Spiritual care is also provided by local priests.
    • In each case 8 young people live with their Peruvian carers in family groups, NUCFAs – “nucleos familiares”.
    • They take care of domestic tasks, keep their rooms, showers and toilets clean, take care of the facilities, take care of animals, do their laundry and take over tasks in the kitchen.