• The Peruvian Partner Association

    The Centro Yanachaga project is a Peruvian project and must be managed according to Peruvian law. For this reason, a Peruvian association was founded back in 1990 to represent the project in dealings with the Peruvian authorities. This association was initially called PROSOYA and since 2012 Centro de Educación y Desarollo Yanachaga (short: Centro Yanachaga). The board of this association (consejo directivo) consists of Leena Hokkanen, Annerose Klemm, Sylke Llanos, Guillermo Salguero and Martin Schlegel – all live in Lima for many years and are very experienced in the management and control of social projects.

    Centro Yanachaga is recognized by the Peruvian authorities as an ONG (non-governmental organization) and is authorized to train and host adolescents.

    The Peru-Aktion and Centro Yanachaga are “sister associations”. Both reached an agreement at the end of 2012 which regulates the competences and the type of cooperation:

    • The Peru-Aktion is responsible for providing the financial resources and has a say in the recruitment of management staff, the use of investment funds and the design of the educational concept.
    • Naturally, the Peru-Aktion fulfils its supervisory duties by checking monthly accounting and annual balance sheets as well as through annual on-site evaluations.
    • The Peru-Aktion has given to Centro Yanachaga the right to use the land and buildings for the operation of the project free of charge.
    • Centro Yanachaga is responsible for the “day-to-day business” – i.e. operation in accordance with Peruvian laws, the selection and employment of employees, the admission of students and the execution of investments and construction measures.