• How can you help us?

    … of course with donations

    The most important help for our work are the donations, without which we could not continue the project at all.

    Please help us with the basic financing through the following possibilities:

    • Sponsorships (monthly or annual contribution)
    • Membership in the Peru Action (active or passive)
    • Monthly standing order of any amount

    Please use private occasions or undertake campaigns to collect donations.

    • Family celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals)
    • Church congregations (collections in church services, lectures in congregational groups)
    • Schools (lectures in teaching areas, bazaar, sports, school celebrations)
    • Lectures and collections at Lions, Rotary, etc. Clubs
    • Spontaneous donations
    • Industrial company (donation instead of Christmas presents to customers)

    Help us with investments. In our project we always have to deal with new constructions, renovations, maintenance and new acquisitions to be financed, for which you can make a donation.