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    old wooden house with verandas indigenous weekly market
    The lively small town of Oxapampa, founded by Germans, is the centre of the region and offers many small shops for daily needs, cafés, workshops, sports facilities and secondary schools in addition to the “Municipalidad”. The wooden church in the centre and some of the once typical old wooden houses are highlights.

    The indigenous weekly market on Saturday offers everything that agriculture has to offer. In the surroundings of Oxapampa it is worth visiting El Wharapo, an old sugar cane peresse (trapiche), where you can experience and taste the production of sugar cane liquor. Pulgar Verde in Las Palmeras near Oxapampa is a beautiful orchid garden Tsachopen is an indigenous village between Oxapampa and Quillazú, where typical artesanía (jewellery, textiles, pottery etc.) is produced and sold.

    In the zipline park and canopeeing course outside Oxapampa you can let yourself be carried through the trees of the mountains.

    Other destinations near Huancabamba

    From the lagoon of Sr. Breadt on the hills of the neighbouring property of Centro Yanachaga you have a wonderful view of the Hazienda Yanachaga. Near Huancabamba you may visit the waterfalls Anana or Rayantambo.

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