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    Please notice! The english version has been translatet by translation software. This might result in clumsy sentences and some inaccurate expressions. We are looking forward to have this text corrected by a native english speaker  We beg Your patience!

    Welcome to the homepage of our new website. The site is still brand new and certainly not perfect yet. If you find errors or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to send a message to the web administrator under “Contact. Thank you for your support!

    Move your mouse over the home page in the menu bar to get information about our project Centro Yanachaga (formerly Prosoya).

    Under the menu item “About us” you may learn more about our association.

    At “Tourism” you can find out how to live and dine on our premises and which places of interest the region provides for you.

    The menu item “Actual News (Blog)” offers a blog with current reports from the project or the association. Here you may also add comments to the current reports.

    How can you help us?” solicits your interest in our association.

    At “Downloads” you can download various forms for membership, sponsorship or donation declarations as well as the current circulars of the Peru-Aktion.

    In the footer area of the website you will find another menu with the following menu items:

    Contact” provides contact details and an email contact form to post your enquiries.

    OwnCloud” is an area reserved for the board of the Peru-Aktion.

    Imprint” contains all essential and mandatory information about the Peru-Aktion and the website.

    in “Data protection” you will find our data processing guideline and under “Disclaimer” the limits of our liability.