• Current Constuction Projekts

    Renovation of the Bocatoma

    The water needed for the fish farm and for the turbines and power generators is drained from the Rio Yanachaga above the hacienda. This drain – a “funnel” formed in concrete with a subsequent channel – urgently needs to be replaced. We ask for project-bound donations to finance this work.


    Kitchen wing and dining room completed

    After many decades of use, the old kitchen wing and dining room for pupils and employees was dilapidated and dilapidated. Therefore it was almost completely removed and rebuilt with modern building materials. Today we have a modern and, through additional windows, bright dining room. The kitchen now has modern technical facilities.

    The completely rotted roof truss was newly erected and raised to create an upper floor that can be extended for later use.

    The German Embassy in Peru kindly provided us with a substantial donation for the renovation of the kitchen wing.