• Volunteers for 2018/2019

    In August 2018 Amntena e.V. again sent 4 new volunteers to our project. These volunteers stay for one year in Huancabamba and Quillazú. Their work is extremely important and useful for the Centro Yanachaga project, because the volunteers take on tasks that would otherwise not be done, because they give the students and staff a different “European” view of many things, and because the close coexistence leads to an intensive intercultural exchange. The “newcomers” are

    • Jasper Ehlers from Lübecke (left the project in September 2018)
    • Ludwig Marcus Haugg from Schonach (left the project in October 2018)
    • Sarah Höfer from Zell u. A.
    • Miriam Seidel from Königsbrück