• The Project Centro Yanachaga

    Hacienda Yanachaga in Huancabamba

    the locantion of the Project Quillazú

    The village project Centro Yanachaga (formerly Prosoya) is a social project for 56 pupils from the very poorest families at two locations at the edge of the Yanachaga-Chemillen National Park in the Pasco district in the mountains of Peru. The project is financed by the German association Peru-Aktion e.V. through donations.

    North of the small provincial town of Oxapampa, the first stop is the “Girls Project” in the village of Quillazú, where 16 schoolgirls are looked after. There are small shops, a church with an attached monastery and a secondary school run by nuns.

    A few kilometres further north, the location for the boys is near the village of Huancabamba, which can be reached by foot in 20 minutes. There is a town hall, a primary and a secondary school, a catholic church, a small protestant community, a few shops, two modest restaurants and a football field.

    Today, the supervised students find accommodation and meals at the Centro Yanachaga. They attend state secondary schools in Huancabamba and Quillazú. In addition, they receive vocational preparation training in various workshops of the project. The Centro Yanachaga in Huancabamba includes 700 hectares of land, woodland and pastures at the edge of the Yanachaga Chemillén National Park. The area in Quillazú measures about 40 ha. Other priorities of the programme are reforestation and community development.